Saturday, February 26, 2011

confessions of a martha stewart wannabe!

I am organized, but I’m not Martha Stewart. I am a perfectionist, but I’m not Martha Stewart. I am crafty, but I’m not Martha Stewart. This however has never stopped me from striving for better. I have a subscription to Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Weddings, I read each monthly edition cover to cover, ear-marking pages along the way. My home screen on my internet browser is What can I say I’m crazy!
My M.S. obsession started when I was little and my mother got me into scrapbooking. This hobby helped breed new hobbies such as stamping, card making, photography, sewing, etc. Card making and other paper crafts brought about my love for paper, which turned me on to M.S. and all her wonderful paper and gifty crafts. When it comes to holidays or birthdays I’m a gift making, gift wrapping machine. Naturally this love of crafting and all thing paper would make me a great candidate for DIY wedding paraphernalia. As you’ve already read about our DIY Save-the-Dates, you can tell that I have excelled at this crafty thing (of course I couldn’t have done any of it without my wonderful and also very crafty fiance)!
Now that we are just 198 days from our wedding I’m beginning to dig my heels into DIY central. The kitchen table has been taken over, along with the coffee table and the desk.  I have to check my OCD cleaning at the door each day and keep repeating to myself ‘It’s all for a good cause’. I think I have more paper in my apartment to have saved a few rain forests by now (don’t go crazy, some of it’s recycled earth friendly paper). All of our projects are so cute and wonderful that they will each get their own blog post, but for now here’s some swoon worthy inspiration! 
Aren’t they all just so magnificent and charming! I can’t get enough, I’m in wedding paper wonderland. Keep yourselves posted for more awe-inspiring posts about our DIY projects as they progress. 

Do you love paper goods? How does paper inspire you?

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